What size ladder for 2 story house

Ladders are built in various sizes and grades depending on height and length. Before purchasing a ladder for two story house you should check out the various sizes that might be suitable.

How tall is a two story house in feet

The height of a two-story house depends on entirely the height of the ceiling, the thickness of the floor as well as the height of the rooms. The height ranges between 10 feet in total. The height of a two-story house depends on the style that the house was built.

Ladders are of great importance in the day to day activities, can be used for repairs, cleaning of gutters and many other activities that may require you to extend your height. Although ladders are almost the same, you can choose the right ladder for the type of work that you are doing to make it easier. Selecting a ladder for a one-story house is quite easy since accessing the rooftop is quite easy in one story house. However the problem comes up when you are choosing a ladder for a two-story house, the first thing to do is find out the actual height of your house which might probably range between 5.5 up to 5.7 meters. In a standard two-story house, the size of a gutter is approximately 5.7 meters.

Determining the height of the gutter is the main step of choosing a ladder, since the ladder may be used mostly in the rainy season to clean the gutter. For a two-story house, an extension ladder may be used to extend the height for about 8-9 meters depending on how the ladder’s angle has been set up.

When choosing a ladder, examine how it will be used as well as the storage of the ladder. A double extension ladder is more preferred since it is easier to use as well as it is simple. A triple extension ladder is more convenient in terms of storage as well as it is compact

The height of the ladder will depend on the part of the two-story building you want to reach to. For instance if you are painting the exterior of the two-story building, you should use a ladder of about 8.15m, if you are painting the first floor windows a ladder of 5.8m can be used for the task and if you are cleaning and repairing the gutter the height of the ladder should be 24.5 m including the addition of the extension ladder.

It is also important to measure the height from the ground up to the rooftop before deciding on the size of a ladder that you can use. Check whether the ladder size that you are going to use will meet all your requirements as well as how safe the ladder is while in use and how long it will last before it needs replacements. Extending the ladder above the rooftop is important since it helps in various activities such as cleaning the gutter more easily.

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