Weber q1000 Review : Why Liquid Propane Grill is Worth Buying?

Weber q1000 Review

Weber is popular for manufacturing grills that are prominent from others. When it comes to efficiency, creativeness, innovativeness and ergonomic designs, products made by this brand are definitely world-class and can satisfy even those with discerning taste. And, in this Weber Q1000 review; you’ll learn more about what makes this brand’s products good investment that you must not ignore.

Essentially, Weber Q1000 is one of the top-pick grills that consumers around the globe trust and rely on. This is a contemporary-looking and stylish grill that is straightforward to use and can help make your cooking or grilling experience a rewarding and delighting one. Let us explore more about what makes this grill worth considering when looking for a perfect griller.

Weber q 1000 Liquid Propane Grill Review

Key Features

  • Exceptional Heat Output : This grill is manufactured with one stainless steel burner that is capable of producing 8,500 BTU. For a fact, this is what makes it ideal for tailgating since it could efficiently grill any kinds of food.
  • Superior Portability : Without question, portability is one of the most important features when it comes to tailgating grills. This model is designed with a stand that is perfectly fitted with the wheels. In the same way, it comes with a tiny build and is not bulky unlike other grills. Such features are what make this grill no trouble to carry around and is quite convenient to use.
  • Sturdy and Solid Construction : This grill is built with a sturdy cast aluminum lid and body that provides it a solid and long-standing feel. Aside from this, it is also constructed with a glass-reinforced nylon frame that provides it an extra strong support.
  • Dependable Heat Control : This grill is made with infinite control burner valve that is effective and dependable to utilize. Users can have the opportunity to sustain and shift to their preferred heat levels effortlessly without any hassle.

Pros & Cons

– Specifically made using heavy duty aluminum construction

– Designed with distinctive and contemporary style

– No sweat to clean and comes with a grease tray

– Manufactured with easy to push button auto ignition

– Built with porcelain enameled cast iron cooking grates

– Not highly recommended for rugged outdoor conditions

– Comes with only a single 8,500 BTU burner

Important Tips

The grate is capable of coming off in 2 pieces and allows less-struggle cleaning process after use. Indeed, there are 2 carry handles constructed into the grill’s frame and this allows more portability and super easy transport.


  • Cast aluminum body construction
  • Stainless steel burner material
  • Comes with burner warranty of 5 years (without burn or rust)
  • Cast iron cooking grate material
  • Supported by cook box warranty of 5 years ( without burn or rust) and 2 years on paint (except discoloration or fading)
  • Backed up by grates warranty of 5 years ( without burn or rust)
  • Makes use of liquid propane gas
  • Designed with push button ignition type
  • Built with painted cast aluminum lid finish
  • Main Burner 8,500 BTU
  • Total cooking area is 189 square inches
  • Supported by lid assembly warranty of 5 years (without burn or rust) 2 years on paint (except discoloration or fading)
  • Built with infinite control burner valve
  • General warranty of 5 years on plastic parts (without burn or rust)
  • Height is 23.5 inches
  • 20.5 inches in depth
  • Other remaining parts are backed up by 2 years warranty

What makes the Q1000 great?

What makes this grill a great product to consider are its being portable, durable, ease and convenience of use, ability to cook or grill food evenly, it is versatile, capable of heating fast, and can ensure long-standing performance.

How portable is it?

This Q1000 liquid propane grill is quite compact, lightweight and portable in that it allows effortless process of transporting or carrying it around. In fact, it can be carried whenever you go on trips since it can easily fit in the boot of a vehicle. Not only that, it could also fit in the cabinet, pantry or underneath the table.

Who is it best for?

This Q1000 liquid propane grill is ideal and practical to serve six people simultaneously. So, it is suitable for small families. This is great to use at decking or patios and is a perfect companion for tailgating events or outdoor cookouts. This can accommodate six large steaks that everyone can enjoy during gatherings.

How to clean-up Q1000?

Since this grill is made with a removable drip pan, cleaning it up can be done in a snap. Clean it when it has cooled down, disconnect it from the bottles or gas tanks. Only utilize suitable cleaner sprays to inhibit any damage to the grill’s interior or exterior surface.

Set-Up Weber Q1000           

This is smooth sailing to set up since it comes fully assembled already. All you need to do is to add the propane, prepare the food for grilling and enjoy!    

Weber Q1000 vs Q2000

If you’re going to discover more about Weber Q1000 vs. Q2000, the former is a little cheaper and is intended to cater less than ten people. While the latter comes with larger cooking area so it can cater more people but it is more expensive to purchase.

FAQ about Weber Q1000    

What is the push button ignition feature for?

This allows users to start the grilling with much ease.

What about this grill’s dimension?

Depth is 20.5 inches, Width is 27 inches and Height is 23.5 inches

What is the total cooking area of Weber Q1000?

189 square inches that is adequate to cook or grill all your food.

Final Thoughts

By and large, through deeply exploring this Weber Q1000 review, you can recognize the facts why this is a great investment that must not be overlooked. This is well worth every single cent spent for it especially because it comes with superior portability, comes with superb heat output, manufactured with solid built and quite easy to clean up.

Apart from all these, this liquid propane grill is ideal for small gatherings and tailgating events. You can carry it with you even when you are on trips. And, as for its current selling cost, this is also reasonably priced so it won’t hurt your pocket.

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