How To Load A Staple Gun Effectively

How To Load A Staple Gun


If you have some quick installation of furnishings and upholstery, you’ll need a staple gun. Before you start your job, be sure that you understand how to use a staple gun. Loading the device can be a challenging task if you have never used one. You also need to figure out the type of machine you have and locate the mechanism which opens the loading area of the staples. Once you figure out how to insert the staples into the device, then you have a done deal. Check out how to load the 5 types of staple guns.


How To Load A Stanley Staple Gun

This heavy duty stapler can be used in construction works, upholstery, or interior décor. Only heavy duty staples can be used to load it i.e. those between ¼” to 9/16”. The gun has a loading system on its front part. It lets you see when the staples are depleted. To prevent accidental firing, always lock the handle. The steps to loading Stanly stapler are as follows:

  • Lock down the handle and turn on the handle safety mode. Let the bottom of the gun face up.
  • At the end of the staple gun is a loading latch which you have to release. Then open the slide.
  • Insert a bunch of staples inside the loading area. Ensure that the staple legs face up.
  • Push in the slide to close the loading channel. The latch should click and catch upon closure.

How to load A Bostitch Staple Gun

With Bostitch staple gun, you can use either the heavy duty or standard staples. First of all, power off the stapler to its appropriate source. If it is an electric gun, use an electric socket; while for the pneumatic, make sure you have compressed air. Check the procedure for loading heavy duty and standard stales.

Loading heavy duty staples

  • Grab the machine and turn it upside down. Find the location of the release latch- it is at the posterior end of the gun.
  • The release latch braces the magazine ate the front of the gun. Press it and pull the magazine out. You will see the loading rail.
  • Place a stick of staples on the rail, with their legs facing up.
  • Push back the magazine inside the stapler till you hear a click that signifies fastening of the release latch.
  • Confirm that the gun is working on a test material

Loading standard staples

  • Hold the gun’s handle with one hand. With your second hand, hold the bottom of the gun down.
  • Expose the loading rail by pulling back the handle.
  • Clear any unwanted staples or debris from the loading area with compressed air. Any distracting materials cab lead to staple jams or failure.
  • Insert the standard staples. Their legs facing down. Hold the stapler at an inclined angle so that the staples slide nearer the rail’s front.
  • Slide in the gun’s handle and fasten it on the hinge restore. Do some testing to see if the gun can fire.

How To Load An Arrow Staple Gun

The Arrow staple gun can do just any household work. Loading it is straightforward and so is the operation.

  • Start with reading the instructions on the user’s manual and study the machine carefully
  • Have the right size of staples at hand depending on your construction needs
  • Press the staple track release inwards. This system is located at the back of the gun. A spring-loaded stapler pusher will emerge. Check the track release position before you pull out the long stapler pusher.
  • Slide in your staples inside the loading track. The staple’s pointing sides should face downwards.
  • Engage the stapler pusher to secure the loading track in place.

How To Load A Craftsman Staple Gun

This is a multipurpose gun. It is a stapler/nailer combination that can perform a wide array of jobs. You may load the gun with nails of sizes between 5/8” to 2” and crown staples  5/8” to 1 ½”. It is powered by air pressure. This is how to load this gun.

  • Disconnect air supply before you load. Hold the gun while it faces away from you. Put on protective wear- goggles, gloves, ear protection, and boots.
  • At the bottom of the lower side of the magazine is the release latch. Squeeze the latch to uncover the loading section. Remove any nails, staples, or materials in this area.
  • Put the nails/staples inside, points facing down. The pointers tips should straddle the interior wall.
  • Slide in the cover to push back the magazine into the gun till it snaps.
  • Do not press the trigger as you load or unload.

How To Load A Dewalt Staple Gun

The Dewalt Stapler never disappoints. You will need an air compressor and its operation is straightforward. Its sliding mechanism is designed in plastic and the staples sit at just the right depth. You’ll see how easy it is to load this lightweight staple gun.

  • Always read the manual before loading and put on safety goggles.
  • You will load staples of lengths ½ inches to 1 ½inches  or crown of ¼inches.
  • Attach the device to an air compressor to avoid accidental firing.
  • At the gun front, push the magazine release lever
  • Slide the magazine out and put the staples in the loading rail
  • Press the magazine back into the stapler till you hear a click in the release latch.
  • Test the device on a scrap material

The reason the Dewalt stapler is connected to an air compressor before loading is that the firing system could cycle after the connection.


The most critical step to using a staple gun is loading the staples correctly. This ensures safety and proper operation. For your own good, load the stapler only when you have a task ahead.

During the loading process, do not point the gun nose towards you. Always put on protective goggles and earmuffs. Have a smooth stapling and nailing process!

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