Graco X5 vs X7 : Which One Do You Need?

  •   Product Name
  •   Max Pressure (psi)
  •   Recommended usage (annual)
  •   Metal spray gun
  •   Spray hot solvent
  •   Motor
  •   Maximum tip size
  •   Maximum hose length
  •   Performance (Gallons per minute)
  •   Weight
  •   Editor’s Rating
Graco Magnum X5
  • Graco Magnum X5
  • 300
  • 125 gallons.
  • Yes
  • No
  • ½ horse power
  • 0.015 inch
  • 75 feet
  • 0.27
  • 13 pounds
Graco Magnum X7
  • Graco Magnum X7
  • 300 psi
  • 125 gallons.
  • YES
  • No
  • 5/8 horsepower
  • 0.017 inch
  • 100 feet
  • 0.31
  • 23 pounds

If at this moment you’re online looking for the best airless paint sprayer to buy for your home painting projects, surely the name Graco Magnum X5 and X7 have confused you to pick the right one from them.


We’re here to help you.

Undoubtedly, at the end of reading of our post on Graco Magnum X7 vs X5 Comparison, all of your confusions will go away, and you can easily select the one that will meet your needs best.

Graco Magnum X5 vs x7- Which one is better?


To offer you the best painting experience, Graco introduced the Graco Magnum Series- a line of airfree paint sprayer models. It has released two very similar paint sprayers 262805 X7 and 262800 X5 to handle homeowner and handyman project easily. 

These two sprayers come with a few common specs. Of course, there are some differences between these two models that you should be aware of before making the purchase decision.

We can guess by the product name; the Graco X5 is the predecessor of the X7. To make things simple, the Magnum X7 is the upgraded version of the Magnum X5. 

The Magnum X5 and X7 models are nearly identical. We see lots of components that are almost similar in both. For instance, the X5 and the X7 each feature Stainless Steel Pump. Both have the same pressure settings and come with the same annual use recommendation.

What are not same are the motor power, tip size, hose length, performance, size and weight. One more notable difference is the price. They also appear to differ in design.

Some Similarities

Both the unit can handle anything from stains to acrylics and latex. When it comes to coating, both the sprayer can spray unthinned at high pressure. Both models come with SG2 Spray Gun.

Note that both the machines feature flexible suction tube that allows you spraying paint directly from a 1 or 5-gallon bucket.

The recommended annual usage for both the models is 125 gallons. That means you can tackle any project around an average size house with any of these units.

The maximum output of X5 and X7 is identical- 3000 psi. The fully adjustable pressure settings of both the sprayers offer you the ultimate control of paint flow to get the best finish with the material you’re using. 

Regarding construction, both sprayers are made of high-quality components that make them durable to be used for several years. Of course, the proper cleaning also adds to their lifespan. It noteworthy that both the units are simple to clean. 

Graco X5 and X7 are user-friendly. Their self-priming feature eliminates the need for paint thinner. What’s more, the reversible tips of Magnum X5 and X7 helps prevent clogging.

The similarities between these two models are numerous. However, there are a few upgrades to the X7, and for this reason, Magnum X7 worth the extra cost.

What about the Dissimilarities??

Well, let’s see.

#1. The Difference in Power and Performance

Both the sprayers differ in maximum flow rate. The reasons behind this difference are engine power and maximum tip size. In fact, when considering between Graco magnum x5 vs x7, the maximum tip size is a crucial factor to look for. The variation in tip size directly corresponds to a difference in the flow rate. 

The X5 features spray tip smaller than X7. The spray gun of Magnum Graco X5 compatible with tips up to 0.015-inch. On the other hand, the X7 spray gun supports maximum 0.017- inch tip. It may seem a minor difference. But it has a significant impact on the speed at which you can paint. 

Magnum Graco X7 offers more power and a superior range of output. The 5/8 horsepower engine of X7 can pumps out 0.31 gallons of fluid per minute. On the other hand, X5 comes with a 0.5 horsepower engine that can pump out as much as 0.27 gallons of material per minute.

Although neither sprayer is powerful enough to meet professional needs, in terms of size and price tag, they are perfect for DIY and occasional projects.

#2. Difference in Precision

When it comes to precision, X5 offers finer results than X7. For higher precision the smaller nozzle of X5 is perfect.

The larger spray tips of Graco Magnum X7 is efficient for covering the large surface. But the downside of this large tip of X7 is you’re at the risk of uneven spread. This model is also more prone to overspray when oil-based paint like latex is used. With X7, it’s somewhat challenging to achieve a consistent pattern.

#3. Hose Length

Firstly, Graco Magnum X5 comes with 75 feet hose that let you reach all the area in your house without difficulty if you place the unit in the middle of the room. On the other hand, Graco X7 can support up to 100 feet long hose without compromising its performance that makes it ideal for handling outdoor painting projects.

#4. Weight and Size Difference

If weight and dimension are the points of your consideration, Magnum X5 is lighter than X7. This makes handling the Magnum X5 easier.

Graco magnum 262805 X7 cart airless paint sprayer has larger dimensions and more weight than X5. X5 weighs only 13 pounds whereas X7 weighs 23 pounds that means X7 is 10 pounds heavy than X5.

The dimensions of X5 is 19 x 14.5 x 12.75 in, and that of X7 is 19 x 15 x 37 inches. This shows that X7 is a larger version which is about 18-inch taller than X5.

#5. Design and Portability

Magnum X7 features a wheeled cart design. And due to this design, the extra weight of X7 doesn’t negatively impact on its portability. In fact, the cart provides a great deal of help while moving around with a 5-gal bucket of paint.

On the other hand, the Magnum X5 comes with a simple stand. Although this stand design isn’t as convenient as the wheeled cart, it’s also useful to pick and move the machine easily.

#6. What about the Prices of These Two Models?

From the price tags, we’ve found that Graco magnum 262805 X7 is pricier than X5. Of course, X7 has some advantages over X5 due to its upgrade features. In terms of performance, the upgrades of X7 put it ahead of X5.

Our Recommendation

Graco Magnum 262800 X5 & Graco Magnum 262805 X7 both are excellent choices for frequent DIYers.

But, which one is right for you?

The simple answer is- it depends on your needs.

To conclude, Graco X5 is lightweight, easy to control and more affordable than X7. But there are other aspects to consider that we’ve discussed above.

Firstly, if your project is small (for instance painting a fence) or needs more precision like varnishing furniture, Graco Magnum 262800 X5 Stand Airless Paint Sprayer will be right for you.

Secondly, for the projects where the need to move around a bucket is not very necessary, the stand design of X5 is perfect. Thirdly, the extra 25-feet of hose length support isn’t required at all, if your projects involve painting the interiors of your homes such as bedroom walls.

Alternatively, Graco Magnum 262805 x7 is better suited for high volume painting work. The 100 feet hose length of X7 will offer you more versatility for large outdoor painting projects like painting two or three-story houses. Moreover, for larger projects where you’ll need to pull along larger paint containers, the wheeled cart design of Graco X7 might be very helpful. 

One more important point is the larger tip size of X7 sprayer that lets you use latexes and oil-based primers. So, if you want variety in your paint usage, the  Magnum X7 airless paint sprayer may be a better choice for you.


As Graco Magnum 262805 X7 is more expensive than X5, before making the final decision takes into consideration whether the extra features of X7 like extra hose length support, large tip size, and wheeled cart design are going to be necessary for your needs.

Hope, this Graco X5 vs X7 comparison helps you to decide on.

Thanks for reading!

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