7 Dynatrap Insect Trap Reviews with Buying Guide

Although we are living in the 21st century, still we are struggling with some silly things. Insects are one of those problems. People use a wide range of methods to keep themselves safe from dangerous diseases. Some of the methods are safe and some are not. If you are looking for something safe and effective, the best thing is the Dynatrap insect trap. This works like magic. That’s why I am going to write a list of Dynatrap insect trap reviews with market top products.

The brand DynaTrap has a wide range of products with a variety of features. This sometimes makes it difficult to choose the right one. This Dynatrap reviews will help you out to get the desired product and let you know the Pros & Cons of Dynatrap.

Best Dynatrap Insect Trap Comparison Table

Product Image
  •   Product Name
  •   coverage area
  •   volt outlet
  •   Dimensions (Inches)
  •   Editor’s Rating
Best Pick
  • Dynatrap dt1050
  • 1/2 acre
  • 110-volt
  • 13.8 x 11.1 x 11.2
  • Dynatrap dt1775
  • 1 acre
  • 110-volt
  • 13 x 25.8 x 13
  • DynaTrap DT2000XLP-DEC2 XL
  • 1 acre
  • 110-volt
  • 14 x 14 x 16

How to Pick the Best Dynatrap Insect Trap

As I mentioned earlier, there is a wider range of products. So, when you want to have the best deal, this demands the proper research. Here are the things that you must look in your selected product before you order –

Ease of Use

Remember that you have to use the insect trap daily. When finalizing a product, make sure that it is easy to use and the operating system is user-friendly. For example, the power connection should be compatible with your home’s or office’s power output. Also, cleaning and maintenance should be easier so that you can do it yourself when needed. At the same time, look for a compact one that you can set within a narrow area.

Coverage Area

Insect trap is a good solution to keep your surrounding insect-free. All the traps don’t have the same coverage area. Based on the model number of product, it will vary. For example, some products are designed to cover up to 1 acre while some may cover only ½ acre. You should identify which one would be best for you.

Type of Insects It Catch

Based on the model of the product, the type of insects it catches may vary. If there are different insects at your home besides mosquito, look for a solution that can catch all types of insects. However, all the products that come from Dynatrap are suitable to catch mosquitos. So, if your using purpose is only catching mosquitos, you can go for any product.

Quiet Operation

Whatever insect trap you buy from Dynatrap; it should be noise-free. Though there won’t be any zapping or buzzing sound, there would be a fan inside the trap. But it should be quiet so that you get a calm environment. Particularly, if you want to keep it running during sleep time, you must order the quietest insect trap.


Dynatrap insect traps come in a wide range of prices based on the features. If you don’t need much from the trap, you shouldn’t spend much. Because buying an expensive product is not always the best. I would recommend to set your desired goals first and then choose the product accordingly. It would be easy to get the right product and at the same time, you won’t kill your budget for the best item.

Top 7 Reviews on Dynatrap Insect Trap

#1. Dynatrap dt1050 Review, Twist On/Off, 1/2 Acre

Dynatrap Insect Trap Reviews dt1050

If you have a relatively small yard and don’t have to cover a wide area, this item would be a good choice. It can cover up to 1/2 acre of an area without any hassle. This is suitable for people who don’t have to catch insects from different areas. For instance, if there is a bed of flowers, a pool, and similar things, you need something more powerful. But this one is ideal for the small to the medium-sized area.

It comes with an easy twist-on design. Just connect the trap with the standard 110-volt power source and it is ready to use. Suitable for both outdoor and indoor. Set it where you need it most. It requires less maintenance.

– Comes with the cleaning brush

– Hanging chain for easy installation

– Doesn’t require any kind of chemicals

– 1/2 acres of area coverage

– Twist on/off design for easy operating

– Not a good trap for larger areas

Dynatrap Mosquito Trap Reviews

#2. Dynatrap dt1775 insect trap review, 1 Acre, AtraktaGlo Light

dynatrap dt1775 insect trap review

Want to know what you will get in the DT1775 model of Dynatrap? This Dynatrap dt1775 insect & mosquito trap review will tell you everything. Well, first of all, this is a high capacity insect trap which is designed to cover a large area. Unlike the other models, this one features AtraktaGlo light and light-enhancing diffuser. This attracts insects and kills them to keep you safe.

The trap is suitable for all kinds of flying insects. Especially, if you are struggling with mosquitos and don’t want to use chemicals or anything else to get rid of the problem, this item is recommended for you. Despite the higher price, this is popular to use because of its longevity. High-quality materials and durable construction make it long-lasting.

– Can cover a larger area

– Takes only 3 weeks to reduce insects

– Ultra-bright light to attract insects

– Suitable for both indoor and outdoor usages

– Whisper-quiet fan for noise-free operation

– The price is higher than the average range of traps

#3. DynaTrap Insect Trap DT1260 Review, Pole Mount

dynatrap dt1260 review

If I don’t add this product, the list of Dynatrap insect trap reviews will not be completed.  When you are installing an insect trap indoor, it is easy to do. You can simply hang the trap wherever you want. But for outdoor usages, installing the trap becomes difficult. To make it easy and convenient for the users, this unit comes with a pole mount. So, whether it is outdoor or indoor, setting it is relatively easy. No need for additional support.

Its 3-way protection keeps you safe from all flying insects. The maximum coverage area is 1/2 acre which is enough for small areas. constructed with top-grade materials that ensure its longevity. It won’t make a noise when operating. The quiet operation has made it popular among users.

– It easily catches biting flies

– Bright UV light to attract the insects

– Suitable to use in all weather conditions

– Hassle-free installation with the pole mount

– Half acre area coverage

– It is kind of messy and requires regular maintenance

Dynatrap xl Reviews

#4. DynaTrap Insect Trap (DT2000XLP-DEC2), XL, 1 Acre

dynatrap dt2000xlp review

When you are living in an area where so many places exist with insects, you need something powerful. If you have a good budget and don’t want to waste your money on the worst product, go for this DT2000XLP-DEC2 insect trap. With super powerful bright UV light, this will attract flying insects toward the whisper-quiet fan. Without any buzzing or zapping, this will kill the insects. Whether you are struggling with mosquitos or other insects, this works best.

The maximum coverage area is 1 acre. This ensures your home is remaining safe from diseases related to insects. There is a ring on the top where you can attach a chain for installing or hanging anywhere. Easy to use for both outdoor and indoor purposes. Without chemical or propane, this will give you relief from annoying flying insects.

– Extra-large size to catch more insects

– Easy to install for both outdoor and indoor

– 1-acre area coverage

– Bright UV light to attract and catch more insects

– Doesn’t make noise during operating

– Its price is not affordable for all

– No wall mount or pole mount with the trap

Dynatrap 1 acre Reviews

#5. Dynatrap dt2000xl Review, 2 UV Bulbs, 1 Acre

Among different items for insect catching, this is one of the most popular traps. If you are looking for Dynatrap xl reviews, read this and make your decision. The most attractive thing in this item is its coverage area. It can cover up to 1 acre of area. This means you can keep your surroundings safe from all dangerous flying insects including mosquitos.

It features 3-way protection against insects. 2 UV bulbs are attached in the trap which is powerful and traps insects without any zapping or buzzing. A whisper-quiet fan does the main work when the insect comes to it. It doesn’t use any chemical or propane to kill insects. It will gradually make your area safe from flying insects.

– Up to 1-acre coverage area

– When operating, doesn’t make noise

– Can be powered with standard 110-volt

– Suitable for all-weather

– Durable construction ensures its longevity

– Its price is comparatively high

#6. Dynatrap dt1100 Review, Wall Mount, 1/2 Acre

If you are looking for the best Dynatrap insect and mosquito trap within an affordable price, I would suggest purchasing this item. The DT1100 model is designed for easy installation. No matter where you want to use it. Both indoor and outdoor areas can be covered with this trap. The maximum area of coverage is half an acre. So, you can keep your surroundings safe from flying insects.

You can either hang it with the ring on the top or you can do wall mount. Both systems will keep it stable in place. This trap provides 3-way protection and doesn’t make a noise like some cheaply made products.

– No zapping or buzzing in it

– Bright UV light to catch the insects

– Hassle-free installation with wall mount

– Half acre area coverage

– Durable construction with all-weather protection

– Suitable to use with standard 110-volt power

– No chain included for hanging

– Suitable for small to medium areas only

#7. DynaTrap Outdoor Insect Trap (DT1750), 3/4 Acre

To cover a larger area, you should go for the Dynatrap DT1750 trap which is designed to cover up to 3/4 acre of area. It is constructed with bright UV lights that attract the flying insects to come to the trap. Once the flying insects come into it, the trap kills the insects without zapping or buzzing. The whisper-quiet powerful fan operates the trap.

The trap can be used for different types of insects including mosquitos, yellow jackets, moths, and more. For the maximum safety for its users, it comes with a 3-way protective system. It is easy the trap for both indoor and outdoor.

– Durable construction to use in all weather

– Vacuum fan kills insects without zapping

– Suitable to use with the standard 10-volt power source

– Attractive trap for insects

– Maximum coverage area is 3/4 acre

– No wall mount or pole mount included

– Requires regular cleaning

How to make a mosquito trap?

Making a mosquito trap from scratch is not easy. You have to use various things in the proper measurement and still, you can’t be sure about success. But Dynatrap mosquito traps would be a great solution for you within a reasonable price. This easily catches mosquitos and kill them without zapping or buzzing.

How to clean Dynatrap?

If you think about the maintenance of the insect trap, the most important thing is keeping it clean to avoid the mess. If you own a Dynatrap insect trap, make sure that you are keeping it clean regularly. Before you start cleaning, unplug it from the power source. Now remove the retaining cage with a twisting motion. Through all the insects to a trash bin. Use a cleaning brush to clean the cage and the fan. Now place the cage to its place and you are ready for the next use.

How does Dynatrap work?

The method is simple. There are UV lights in the trap which attract the flying insects. Insects like warm and bright conditions for staying. So, it attracts the light and gets killed by the powerful fan inside.

Why Dynatrap products are better?

Unlike the traditional method, it doesn’t use any chemical or propane to kill the insects. It is easy to use and you can use for both outdoor and indoor. This safe for health and has a better capacity to catch the insects. They are long-lasting and can be used for all-weather. Also, when someone uses it regularly, insects can complete the cycle of birth and decrease the number dramatically. This like a one-time investment and staying safe forever.

Final Verdict

This Dynatrap insect trap reviews introduced you to an exclusive list of top 7 products. You can pick any of the items that you like most. Follow the buying instructions to have the right deal. Always order the original product from the authentic seller to avoid further hassle.

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