Best Laser Measure Reviews 2018 [Buying Guide]

Wanna amazingly accurate measurement with a dedicated laser measurement tool?

Then, forget the traditional, old-days measuring techniques. Only a best laser measure tool can provide you the measuring accuracy what you expect.

We’ve spend hours after hours on researching the features of a number of laser measuring devices. Finally, we’ve found that not all measuring tools can actually ensure the speed and precise results.

Hence, after an extensive research, we’ve found some most reliable as well as best laser measuring devices in terms of range, accuracy, speed, and convenience.

Our Best PickBest Laser Measure Check Latest Price

Our selected laser measure tool is perfect for any type of construction work, interior decorating, or home remodeling. In addition, these are also best laser measuring tools for appraisers and commercial applications.

If you’re looking for convenient, durable and user-friendly best laser distance measurer to get your job done, look no further. Just spent a few moments to read our laser measuring device reviews before making your final buying decision.

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What Are The Scopes Of The Best Laser Distance Measurer?

Lasers provide a lot of measuring facilities that a traditional measuring tool unable to do. The scopes of a laser measurement tool are:

  • Much more efficient and accurate result
  • No need to walk back and forth trailing your tape behind you
  • Eliminate inaccuracies caused by crooked or sagging tapes.
  • The results are faster to read than counting the lines on a traditional tool
  • Provides measurement in multiple units
  • Quicker to use

Best Laser Measuring Tool Comparison Table

We’ve developed a comparison table of 11 best laser distance measurer. Obviously, it’ll help you to find out the right tool quickly that you actually need to get your job done.

Image/Product Name Distance  (ft.) Accuracy  (inch) Bluetooth Rating Price
High-range laser measure – For professionals
Leica DISTO E7400xLeica DISTO E7400x 265 ± 1/16 No 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 80-R 60Bosch GLM 80-R 60 265 ± 1/16 No 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 100 C Bluetooth EnabledBosch GLM 100 C 330 ± 1/16 Yes 5/5 Check Price
Mid-range laser measure – For general construction uses
Leica DISTO D2Leica DISTO D2 330 ± 1/16 Yes 5/5 Check Price
Leica DISTO E7100i 200ftLeica DISTO E7100i 200 ± 1/16 Yes 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 50 C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance MeasurerBosch GLM 50 C 165 ± 1/16 Yes 5/5 Check Price
Budget friendly laser measure – Mostly for indoor projects at home
Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance MeasurerBosch GLM 50 165 ± 1/16 Yes 5/5 Check Price
DEWALT DW03050 165-FeetDEWALT DW03050 165 ± 1/16 No 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 35 Laser MeasureBosch GLM 35 120 ± 1/16 No 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 40 Laser MeasureBosch GLM 40 135 ± 1/16 No 5/5 Check Price
Bosch GLM 10 Compact Laser MeasureBosch GLM 10 35 ±1/8 No 5/5 Check Price

Best Laser Measure Reviews 2018

A lot of manufacturers like Leica, Bosch, DEWALT and a couple of other companies bring forth some of the best laser measurers in the market.

After an extensive research, our experts have narrowed the field down to 11 best laser distance measurement tools. Go through our in-depth laser measure reviews to pick the best one.

Leica DISTO E7400x 265 feet Laser Distance Meter Reviews, Red/Black

The Perfect Blend of Functionality and Precisionleica laser measuring tool Check Latest Price

What if a tool has a lot of features, but they’re not useful?

Obviously, Leica DISTO E7400x 265ft Laser Distance Meter has really some nice and very useful features.

Its high accuracy measurability ensures fractional millimeter precision on a consistent basis. No matter whatever the light condition, DISTO E7400x is able to give you the precise length of distances up to 265 feet.

With the tilt sensor, it calculates area, volume, and even the horizontal distances over barriers. Don’t be worried about the durability of the device. It’s a well-built and highly durable unit.

Core Features

Tilt sensor- measure hard to reach spot with 360’ tilt sensor and calculate the vertical values instantly.

Ruggedized chassis– Sturdy enough to work in rough condition

Two and three points Pythagoras Function– offers maximum accuracy to obtain height and width of objects remotely using two and three measured points

IP65 Rated– can withstand a steady amount of moisture and dust

Multi-functional– offers various functions to measure volume and area with two simple measurements

Bright, bold and easy to read display– offers easy and amazing measuring experience


  • Well-built and durable
  • Understandable button setup
  • Easy to use and operate
  • Easy to read
  • Water resistant
  • Very accurate


  • Difficult to find the laser dot in bright sunlight
  • Difficult to hold while measuring long distance


  • Product Weight – 4.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 4.8 x 2.2 x 1.2 inches
  • Color  – Red/ Black
  • Style – Laser
  • Power Source  – Battery

  • Batteries – 2 AAA (included)
  • Measurement Accuracy +/- 1/16 inch
  • Laser Beam Color – Red
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline
  • Average Battery Life – 5 Hours


Q. How does Leica DISTO E7400x calculate?

A. The unit displays in tenths of inches. There are 14 units of measurement options in this model.

At short distances of 99 inches or less, the unit shows 3 decimal places.

At distances over 100 inches, the unit displays to 2 decimal places.

Q. Does Leica DISTO E7400x feature “leveling” function?

A. No. the unit doesn’t have any leveling function. However, there is a readout on the display to show the angle.

Bosch GLM 80-R 60 Combo Kit with 265-Foot Distance Measurer and 24-Inch Digital Level

The Measuring Job Just Gets Easierbosch glm 80 laser distance measurer Check Latest Price

Looking for a laser tool with simple but amazing accuracy?

Then, why not Bosch GLM 80-R 60 Combo Kit?

Featuring with the most advanced technology, Bosch GLM 80-R 60 makes your distance measuring very simple as well as accurate. The most convenient load, lock R 60 level system securely and quickly hold the GLM 80 to create an automatic and perfect digital level.

Its 265 ft. range and 1/16 inches accuracy makes it one of the best laser measure tool for professionals. The ability of automatically storing 20 measurements (both angle and distance) allows the users to save their time while working on a long project.

No need to be worried about the durability while working in the rough environment. Its rugged chassis design allows it to withstand drops of up to 3 feet.  Moreover, its dust and water resistant feature make it one of the most durable units for any job site.

Core Features

GLM 80 backlit display with 2-axis 90- degree tilt sensor– ensures optimal viewing in all directions

Lithium-ion battery- provides up to 25,000 measurements per single charge

R 60 digital level attachment– Automatically adjusts to the digital level mode

Audio signal– alerts when 180 degrees, 90 degrees, and 0 degrees are reached

Multiple measurement modes– depending on user mode, it maximizes the functionality in multiple measurement modes


  • Small and convenient
  • Ergonomic design
  • Drop-resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Need to reset the reference point every time when the unit shuts off


  • Product Weight – 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 2.5 x 7 x 24.8 inches
  • Color – Blue
  • Style – GLM 80 with Level Attachment
  • Display – Back Lit w/Tilt-Screen

  • Power Source – Battery
  • Batteries – Rechargeable Lithium-Ion
  • Measurement Accuracy +/-1/16″
  • Memory – 20 measurements


Q. Does Bosch GLM 80-R 60 Combo Kit able to measure a very tall and steep pyramid roof?

A. Definitely. The unit is able to measure anything you can see up to 265 ft. away.

Q. Can I change the measurement decimal to fractions?

A. Yes, you can switch to display in inches and feet with a fraction.

Bosch GLM 100C Bluetooth Enabled 330ft Lithium-Ion Laser Distance and Angle Measurer

A Smart Solution for Your Measuring Needsbosch distance measurer Check Latest Price

GLM 100 C is one of the best Bosch distance measurers that features everything you’d ever want in a laser measure.

This professional laser unit is a truly state-of-the-art distance measuring tool that is loaded with a lot of useful features.

The unit combines the precision of laser measurement up to 330 feet distance, best- in –class storage as well as angular measurements in two axes.

In addition, the advanced Bluetooth technology allows user to instantly transfer data to smart devices

Core Features

Precision measurement technology– allows to measure up to 330 ft. with 1.5 mm accuracy

Bluetooth technology– smart solution to transfer measurements to Android device , iPad, iPhone or Android device using free app

Built-in 360 degree Tilt Sensor– provides 360-degree incline measurements in two axes for more precise measurements

Large automatically illuminated Display with 360- degree Tilt-Screen Technology– easy to read from all directions


  • Faster and more precise
  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to read display
  • Great for long distance measurements
  • Dust and splash resistant


  • Some users feel difficulties to use the advanced features


  • Product Weight – 4.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 7.8 x 2 x 7.2 inches
  • Power Source – Battery

  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries required (not included)
  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16 inch


Q. How can I download measurement list from Bosch GLM 100 C to my PC?

A. Connect the unit to your PC with a USB cable and download the measurements. It also has a Bluetooth connection to tablet/ Phone/ PC. You’ll need to download the app from Bosch web page.

Q. Can I measure the 3rd sides of a triangle?

A. GLM 100 C won’t be able to measure the third side of a triangle.

Leica DISTO D2 New 330 feet Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth 4.0, Black/Red

Simply The Best, The Rightleica disto laser measure Check Latest Price

Want a compact but powerful laser measure tool?

Then, Leica DISTO D2 may be one of the great choices for you among Leica laser measuring tools.

It can easily track reading up to 330 ft. with an accuracy up to 1/16- inch. Its Pythagoras function allows the users to reach any tight corners and spaces and measure width and height indirectly.

Its Bluetooth 4.0 is a great feature to transfer the data into Leica DISTO sketch app and also many other apps.

Don’t need to be worried about its battery life. The battery life is rated for up to 10,000 measurements. But you can easily take more measurements even while the bright backlit display remains on.

You must appreciate its ergonomic design. Its soft-touch coating offers a comfortable feeling in your hand. In addition, its user-friendly operating interface allows the user to use the device simply applying pressure to the button.

Core Features

Bluetooth pairing– offers reliable, easy and quick switching between iPads and iPhones

Audible tones– ensures the completion of successful measurements

Add and subtract distances– also works with volumes, areas and Pythagoras functions

Multi-functional- Pythagoras function allows estimating the height of an object from the ground. Whereas the min/max function provides an easy, accurate measurement of diagonals.

Memory– automatically stores last 10 retainable measurements even the unit is powered off

IP54 standards– ensures the unit is splash and dust proof


  • Fabulous and lightweight
  • Very accurate and work faster
  • Well-designed and high-built quality
  • Very good ergonomics and easy to carry
  • Intuitive and reliable Bluetooth pairing


  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Doesn’t come with a pocket clip
  • Comparatively expensive


  • Product Weight – 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 1.7 x 1 x 4.6 inches
  • Color – Black/ Red
  • Style – Bluetooth
  • Power Source – Battery

  • Batteries – 2 AAA (included)
  • Measurement Accuracy +/-1/16″
  • Laser Beam Color – Red
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline


Q. Is Leica DISTO D2 waterproof?

A. No, the unit isn’t waterproof. But if you enclose the unit in a waterproof case and put it in constant measurement mode, the technology will work underwater. You have to adjust for the index of refraction of water.

Q. Does Leica DISTO D2 switch measurement unit from feet, the inch to meter?

A. Yes, it can switch measurement units from the feet, the inch to meter.

Leica DISTO E7100i 200 feet Laser Distance Measure with Bluetooth, Black/Red

An Impressive Measuring Deviceleica laser measure bluetooth Check Latest Price

Featuring Class II Laser with 1mW output, E7100i is an impressive Leica DISTO laser measure tool with 1/16 inch accuracy at 200ft. measuring range.

It offers very reliable, longest and most of all precise measurement record even in a diagonal room. The AREA Mode provides the distance measure of a rectangle or square in two shots. Moreover, the VOLUME MODE adds a 3rd vertical shot to calculate the volume.

The Bluetooth 4.0 technology helps the user to send measurement directly from the device to the apps.

Core Features

2- line backlight display– easy to read and unit of measure displays your choice of inches/ fractions, feet/ inches/ fraction, metric and decimal feet

Removable Pocket Clip- allows you to have it wherever you need

ISO Standard 16331-1– ensure the exact accuracy and range

Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Technology– compatible with the supported apps and sent data to the supported iOS/ tablets or Android smartphones


  • Very compact
  • Dust and splash proof
  • Work fast
  • Very accurate


  • Not suitable for outdoor use because of hard to read display
  • Hard to find laser in bright sun.


  • Product Weight – 8.8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 4.7 x 0.5 x 0.9 inches
  • Color – Black/Red
  • Style – Laser
  • Power Source – DC

  • Batteries – 2 AAA (included)
  • Voltage – 3 Volt
  • Measurement Accuracy – 1.5 mm
  • Laser Beam Color – Red


Q. Does Leica DISTO E7100i display or store multiple measurements?

A. No, this model only stores the last measurement as long as it’s switched on.

Q. Can Leica DISTO E7100i add several together to get a total linear footage?

A. This unit has the feature of adding nor subtracting.

Bosch GLM 50C Bluetooth Enabled Laser Distance Measurer Reviews

Full-Featured Laser Measurebosch laser distance measurer Check Latest Price

If you’re looking for a laser measure with all the basic as well as a lot of advanced features, Bosch GLM 50C can only be your best choice.

Its intuitive user interface along with improved backlit color display makes it easier to use. Bosch GLM 50 C provides all the basic functions of an area, volume, length, real- length and indirect measurements. It allows measuring from the center, front, and rear.

On the other hand, the built-in inclinometer and Bluetooth functionality make the unit stand out from other Bosch laser distance measurer.

Core Features

Easy-to-use keypad– for quick operation in jobsite

Illuminated color display– enhances the readability of measurements in low-light or no-light conditions

Rugged design– allows using in rough worksite condition

Default real-time measurement– allows user to see measurement tracking in relation to the target

Convenient smaller size– squared shape small size fits in any shirt pocket

Measure and Document App– allows the user to add notes to photo, record and save data. No need any manual calculation.

IP 54 rated -dust and splash proof


  • Professional quality
  • Small and lightweight
  • Bright and easy to read display
  • Very accurate
  • Compact and Convenient


  • A little difficult to measure precise corner


  • Product Weight – 11.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 4.2 x 1.8 x 0.9-inch
  • Style – Laser
  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries (required)

  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16 Inch
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline
  • Memory – 30 measurements


Q. Is Bosch GLM 50 C magnetic?

A. No. The unit isn’t magnetic. You’ve to hold it or put it on any tripod.

Q. Can Bosch GLM 50 C measure slope length?

A. No. This unit can’t measure slopes.

Bosch GLM 50 Laser Distance Measure Review , 165-Feet

Versatile, Smart And Easybosch measuring tools Check Latest Price

Want a versatile, yet simple to operate laser measuring tools?

Then, why not trying Bosch GLM 50?

The unit has a 165ft distance rating and the added option of angle measure display and single indirect measuring.

Its continuous length mode allows you to do your measuring job without stopping the unit to reposition the tool or take notes. On the other hand, its indirect length measurements allow the user to measure width and height indirectly from a distance.

Its Bluetooth compatibility allows the user to use it with various Bosch apps. No matter whatever the external conditions, its improved backlight, and display allow the user to use it even in low light conditions.

A good performing Bosch distance measurer for both DIY projects and large construction projects.

Core Features

Precision measurement– measures length, volume, and area with 1/16 inch accuracy

Enormous measurement flexibility– five measurement modes (length, volume, area, continuous measurement and indirect length) for versatile applications

Three Measuring Reference Points– from among front, back and center for use with optional tripod

Automatic Backlit Display– allows easy and convenient viewing even outdoors in sunlight


  • User friendly
  • Very accurate
  • Works faster
  • Multifunctional
  • Water and debris resistant
  • Works in low-light conditions


  • Limited stakeout function


  • Product Weight – 5 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 7.3 x 7.8 x 2.2 inches
  • Style – Distance Measurer
  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries (included)

  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16-inch
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline
  • Average Battery Life – 2.25 hours 


Q. Does Bosch GLM 50 display the distance in decimal?

A. Yes. It does.

Q. Does Bosch GLM 50 feature a tripod mounting hole?

A. Yes, it has a threaded hole in the back.

DEWALT DW03050 Review , 165-Feet

Incredibly Durabledewalt dw03050 review Check Latest Price

Want a hassle-free measurement calculation?

Then, DEWALT DW03050 laser distance measurer can be a great choice. It offers you an automatic calculation of area and volume to make your job easy and quick.

Using the Pythagorean theorem in indirect height measurement makes the job even easier when the target points are not accessible. In addition, it features a memory unit for effortless recording of last 5 measurements

Its incredibly durable design and IP65 rating make this unit more suitable to use in rough environments. No matter whether the light is dim or bright, its 2- line backlit display is good enough to work in any light condition.

Core Features

Easy and accurate measurements- Using Pythagoras theorem makes indirect height measurement easy and accurate

Range and Accuracy– provides super accuracy of +/- 1/16 inches up to 165 feet.

Corner standoff end post- provides corner-to-corner accurate measurements

IP65 protection rating and over-molded housing– withstand on water, dust, and debris


  • Extremely durable
  • Auto calculation of area and volume
  • Debris and water resistant
  • Improved screen visibility


  • Works better only in indoor


  • Product Weight – 1.6 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 5 x 2.9 x 7 inches
  • Color – Black/yellow
  • Style – Laser Distance Measurer
  • Power Source – battery-powered

  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16-inch
  • Laser Beam Color – Red
  • Memory – 5 measurements


Q. Does DEWALT DW03050 beep when the measurement is finished?

A. Yes, you’ll hear an audible sound when the measurement has been taken.

Q. Does DEWALT DW03050 feature centimeter measurement?

A. It measures in metric. If you hold the button about 2 seconds, it’ll change the meter, inch, foot, etc.

Bosch GLM 35 Review , 120-Feet

Confidence Of Greater Accuracy And Precisionbosch glm 35 laser measure Check Latest Price

Get greater accuracy and precision on the job site with BOSCH GLM 35 laser measure.

The precision laser technology makes this unit one of the best Bosch laser tools that provide accurate, fast and consistent readings.

The confidence that this unit will provide you the most accurate measurement will help you to work faster without second guessing measurements.

Area or volume- whatever you measure, you don’t need a calculator. This small unit also offers distance, length, continuous measurement, addition, and subtraction.

Core Features

User-friendly one button operation– simply press the activation button and start measuring in real time.

Backlight- allows the user to see the data even in dark areas with better resolution

Handy pocket-size design– makes it easy to carry and use anywhere


  • Small and convenient
  • Fast and accurate
  • Lightweight
  • Simple to use


  • Doesn’t have a memory option
  • The laser isn’t visible over 40 ft. or in bright sunlight.


  • Product Weight – 4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 1.8 x 5.2 x 8 inches
  • Style – Laser
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Wattage – 4.0

  • Horsepower – 5.5 HP
  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries (included)
  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16 In.
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline


Q. Does GLM 35 laser measure display in metric?

A. Yes, this unit displays in metric as well as standard. It measures in feet/ inch, meters and decimal feet.

Q. From where does GLM 35 start measurement?

A. The measurement starts from the bottom/ rear of the unit. That means, the measurement includes the laser itself.

Bosch GLM 40 Review , 135 Feet

Simple, Fast and Handybosch glm 40 review Check Latest Price

Bosch GLM 40 offers multiple measurements including length, distance, area, volume, continuous measurement, addition, and subtraction. This unit works great up to 135 feet with extreme accuracy.

Its ability to store 10 measurements definitely helps to improve productivity. Moreover, its backlight screen enables the user to work in dark areas.

The device comes with hand strap, a pouch, target cards and two AAA batteries.

Core Features

Default real-time measuring– to make your measuring job simple.

Handy memory– to improve productivity

Fast computation– allows determining volume or area without a calculator.

Backlit- allows seeing measurement even in dark environments

User-friendly square size design– makes the unit easy to carry and use


  • Fast and simple
  • Well built
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate


  • Small fraction display


  • Product Weight – 8 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 5.5 x 2 x 7 inches
  • Power Source – Battery
  • Batteries – 2 AAA batteries (included)

  • Measurement Accuracy ± 1/16-inch
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline
  • Memory – 10 measurements


Q. Does Bosch GLM 40 measure from both sides of it?

A. No, this unit measures only from the rear of the unit.

Q. Does Bosch GLM 40 measure in inches?

A. No. This unit doesn’t display inches only.

Bosch GLM 10 Compact Laser Measure, 35′

Great Alternative to A Tape Measurebosch laser distance measure Check Latest Price

Are you looking for an alternative to using a tape measure when measuring long distance?

Then, Bosch GLM 10 is a perfect choice for you to meet your need.

You should be surprised to see how accurate and easy to use this handy unit is. It’s one of the best shorter range laser measurers at a very reasonable price that lives up to the quality reputation of Bosch measuring tools.

Core Features

Simple one-button operation – press start button once to begin real-time measurement mode, press the button again to hold the reading

Convenient size and shape- easy to carry and comfortably and easily fits pocket and hand

Real-time measurement mode– walk-off measurements from wall and other surfaces

Precise laser measure technology – measures up to 35 feet with 1/8 inch accuracy


  • Handy
  • Easy to use
  • Very accurate


  • Doesn’t feature backlight
  • Not suitable for outdoor use
  • Doesn’t have memory


  • Product Weight – 3.2 ounces
  • Product Dimensions – 4 x 1.4 x 0.9 inches
  • Style – Without Backlit Display

  • Power Source – Battery powered
  • Batteries – 1 Lithium ion battery (included)
  • Battery Cell Type – Alkaline


Q. Does Bosch GLM 10 feature memory?

A. No. This unit doesn’t feature a memory option to store measurements.

Q. Can I use Bosch GLM 10 in bright light conditions?

A. This device is perfect for interior use only. In bright light conditions, the laser would be difficult to see. In that case, BOSCH GLM 80 laser distance measurer is one of the best laser measures for exterior use.

Best Laser Measurer – The Ultimate Buying Guide

What is the best laser distance measurer?

The answer is not so easy if you really like to suggest a very reliable and best laser distance meters.

In fact, every buying decision needs a wider consideration. And you know, it’s not an easy task to find out the perfect one. It’s also applicable to buying the best laser measuring tool.

Only an ultimate buying guide can help you to find the right one. Hence, our great effort is to help you to find the best one.

Consider the following factors when selecting the best laser measurement tool.


Before buying a measuring tool, you should consider the range you need to measure usually. Because laser tools have limits to the distance. Ranges vary model to model.


Model Range Best use
Basic model 20 meters (65 feet) Home applications
Mid-range between 30 meters (100 feet) to 91 meters (300 feet) Projects of 2400 sq. ft.  or more
High- end up to 244 meters (800 feet) Fieldwork, commercial applications

If you need to use the tool only for in-home use, basic models are best and affordable.

Accuracy and Precision

The accuracy of a laser distance measurer depicts how nearer is the measurement of the actual distance. The overall accuracy depends on how well you hold or position the laser device.

If you require taking multiple data, you should position the unit steady and pivot it cautiously. In general, most laser measuring model provide the accuracy within ± 1/16 to ±1/32 inches. If you need to use the laser measure for general area calculation, models with ± ¼ inches will work fine.

The model with ± 1/6 inch precision is sufficient for carpentry, most DIY, landscaping as well as construction work. You should consider the high-end model with ± 1/32 inches (1.0 millimeter) precision if you need to do a high precision task such as road grading, pipe laying or foundation laying.


Certain functions are significant to consider when it comes to selecting the best laser measuring devices for your needs. Most models can calculate areas, simple distance, and volumes.

Some models are capable of calculating more advanced geometries. Continuous measuring is also an important function. If you need to walk around and measure large areas, this feature is very useful.

Look for angle measuring if you need to measure the angle between various surfaces such as roof pitch, corners or slanted ceiling angles.

Check out the following functions if you need to use your laser measure for more complex projects.

  • Length
  • Min/Max Measurement Mode
  • Multi-surface
  • Single Indirect/Pythagoras
  • Double Indirect/Pythagoras
  • Combined Indirect/Pythagoras
  • Trapezoid
  • Stake Out


The ability to store data of a laser measurement device is a very useful feature. You may need it for later reference. Some models can store multiple data. Hence, you don’t need to stop your work and write down the data. Consider the model that can store multiple data, if you need to use the laser measurer for large or complex projects.

Display/ Visibility

Display or visibility is the main factor of a laser measure tool. The two main display issues are:

  • Visibility of the screen in bright sunlight
  • Visibility of the screen in dark areas

When buying the best laser measurer, backlit screen is a very useful factor to consider. The backlit screen allows the user to read the display easily in the dark areas or outside at night. The display also should be clear and easy to read.

Battery Life

Look for the rechargeable or replaceable batteries when taking a buying decision of laser measurer. Although battery life depends mainly on the type and amount of use, you might expect a long battery life to work hours after hours. So, it’s a good idea to select a model having auto shut-off mode. It’ll help the user to increase the battery life.

Other Factors

Consider the durability, scratch proof screen, and water resistant if you plan to use the laser measurer unit in outdoor. Though, for indoor use, you may overlook these features.

Which One Should I Buy- Leica, Dewalt Or Bosch Laser Measure?

Why do you need a laser measurement tool?

To make your measuring jobs easy, fast, and accurate?

If this is true for you, then consider where would your laser device likely to be used?

Indoor or outdoor?

Are you a DIY or professional?

In our review, all of our selected laser devices are good value products.

The mid-range laser units are great for most construction uses. However, go for the high-end device, if you need to perform complex geometric calculations or estimate long distances.

If you’re simply looking for an alternative to your measuring job without taking help of second hand, Bosch GLM 10 Compact Laser Measure, 35′ can be a great choice for you.

Leica DISTO E7400x or Bosch GLM 80-R 60 can be the best choice for professional-grade measurement needs.

In addition, if you’re looking for more advanced technology along with a long measuring range, Bosch GLM 100 C or Leica DISTO D2 definitely will work great.


You’re almost at the end of our article on the Best Laser Measure.

Thanks for your patience to keep reading.

Definitely, you’re now an authentic laser measure expert.

You better know your measuring needs.

So, Why Are You Waiting For?

Select The Best Laser Distance Measurer According To Your Needs And Enjoy Your Estimate Jobs At All Times.

Frederick McHale