Best Ladder For Cleaning Gutters – Why you need one ?

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Louisville FE3224
  • Louisville FE3224
  • Fiberglass
  • 300
  • 24-Feet
  • 8 x 19 x 148
Little Giant 14013-001
  • Little Giant 14013-001
  • Aluminum
  • 250
  • 15-Feet
  • 27 x 8 x 56
Werner D6224-2
  • Werner D6224-2
  • Fiberglass
  • 300
  • 24-Feet
  • 150 x 17.8 x 6.5

What is your opinion about cleaning gutters? If you ask me, my answer is a hard job. Because you have to be strong to climb up there and deal with the height if you have acrophobia (fear of heights). And you can’t avoid the cleaning because your roof and siding will get damaged for the dirty gutter. At least twice in a year- in the spring and in the fall, you have to clean the gutter. When will you know that your drain needs cleaning? In the rainy season, if the water is pouring over the roof sides, then you have to take preparation to clean the clogged gutter.  As you have to clean the gutter by going up the roof, then you will need the best ladder for cleaning gutters. Stay with us as we will give you information about the gutter ladder to let you pick the perfect one.

Reviews Of 3 Best ladder for cleaning gutters

#1. Louisville Ladder FE3224

Best Ladder For Cleaning Gutters

Louisville Ladder Fiberglass Extension Ladder is a great ladder to work within heavy duties like residential job, utility, electrical job. You can use this ladder for cleaning gutters because it has features that promise safety. So, if you have height problems, this ladder will help you to deal with the fear.

To keep the surface slip-resistant, there are D shaped saw-toothed rungs in this ladder. You can stand firmly on this ladder even you are doing heavy work. There is a steel-plated shoe with thick rubber footsteps to make to climb easy and safe.

To ladder stay extended, there is a fast latch system with lock. There are a mar-resistant bar end covers that protect the landing surface and enhance longevity. There are two durable slide guides at the base section top that combines with the fly section through a stop. This design prevents the ladder overextend.

– The solid and durable ladder helps you to work with steady.

– As the ladder is light in weight, you can move it one place to others easily.

– This ladder can bear up to 300-pound weight.

– The ladder material is fiberglass that makes the quality great.

– The locks come in plastic.

#2. Little Giant 14013-001

Little Giant 14013-001

The Little Giant Alta-One Ladder is the lightest and versatile 15 feet ladder that you can get. The ladder is the combination of security, strength and versatility. Not only the gutter cleaning, but all kinds of height jobs also get easy with this ladder.

The body of the ladder is made from the aluminium material that the aeroplanes is made from. So, no doubt of the quality. The material makes the ladder ultra-strong and light.  The minimizing sides and triple hinge locks allow the safe use of the ladder. The ladder legs are wide and have rubberized feet. So, no chance of getting slipped or facing an unstable ladder.

– A versatile ladder that allows using as an adjustable staircase ladder.

– The material makes the ladder strong and long-lasting.

– Stability helps to climb safely.

– Allows up to 250-pound weight.

– The rungs are little narrow in size.

#3. Werner D6224-2

Werner D6224-2

Werner Extension-ladders is the stable ladder that allows your heavy-duty job done easily. The fiberglass made ladder has slip-resistant D rung that allows a comfortable surface to stand. The overlapping and long segments stay strongly together for the gravity spring locks, and when you climb up and work, the slip-resistant Shu-Lok pads held the ladder straight and stable. The 24 feet ladder has Alflo rung joint that allows twist-proof presentation while the pulleys are smooth to operate. This ladder has the capacity to endure up to 300 pounds.

– The firmness helps to climb safely.

– Extremely durable ladder to work in high places.

– You can extend, separate and twist the ladder whenever you want.

– You have to be strong to use this ladder.

FAQ about ladder for cleaning gutters

How tall should a ladder be to clean gutters?

The recommended height to clean the gutter with a ladder is 4ft above from the step you are standing. 

Can you separate an extension ladder?

Yes, you can separate the extension ladder.

Is aluminium or fiberglass ladder better?

Fiberglass ladder is the best option among the two.

Tips for choosing the best ladders for cleaning gutter

While looking for the ladder to work, you have to consider some points to make your cleaning safe and perfect. The points are:

  • You have to ensure that your upper body is above your gutter. That means the ladder length has to be long enough. That is why a straight ladder is recommended because you can lean the ladder on the roof wall and let you work comfortably.
  • Pick the ladder that will allow you to have space when you are working on the roof.
  • Look for the ladders that have a slip-resistant surface to let you stand firmly.
  • A wide ladder is better to use for gutter cleaning. If you get a wide ladder, make sure it has rubber feet to make ladder stay firm on the ground.
  • You have to use a lightweight ladder to work. But don’t compromise with the quality while looking for a light ladder. There is a durable and high-quality ladder in the market. Look for the one that matches your requirement.


For homeowners, cleaning the gutter is a tough and tiring job. But to get an effective home, gutter cleaning is important. By cleaning the gutter, risk of flood and water damage gets reduce. To clean the gutters, you have to use the best ladder for cleaning gutters. Because you can’t think of getting up there without a ladder. Do you have the ladder to clean the gutters? If no, then, go through this simple but informative review and pick the right ladder to clean your drain.  

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