Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews : A Out Of the Box Guide

Do you need to deal with prudent and delicate nailing job that requires an accurate pin nailer? Pin nailers refer to power tools that need an air compressor for them to function well. They generally utilize smaller 23-gauge headless pins to attach material.

The pins used could be as short as 3/8 inches and usually come with a length measuring 2 inches. These are hardly seen due to their tiny size and their size is identical to that of a sewing needle. Continue reading these 23 gauge pin nailer reviews in order to discover the most valuable buying factors to consider.

Best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer Comparison Table

  •   Product Name
  •   Power Source
  •   Magazine Capacity
  •   Nail Length Capacity
  •   Warranty
  •   Weight
  •   Editor’s Rating
Best Pick
Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge
  • Hitachi NP35A
  • Air Powered
  • 100
  • 5/8" to 1-3/8"
  • 5-years
  • 2 pounds
BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge Pin Nailer
  • Air Powered
  • 200
  • 1/2" to 1-3/16"
  • 7-years
  • 4.2 pounds
PORTER-CABLE 23-Gauge Pin Nailer
  • PORTER-CABLE Pin nailer
  • Air Powered
  • 100
  • 1/2 to 1 inch
  • 1-Year
  • 4.37 pounds

As you can see from the comparison table, each product comes with different features and specifications. And, as for the price, there are those that are reasonably priced while others are really expensive. Sure thing, the decision is yours. See to it to check the important features and functions to what you need to use it for. Do not focus on the amount of money you can save but also take a closer inspection of the product’s quality.

23 Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews

#1. Hitachi NP35A Pin Nailer 23 Gauge

best 23 Gauge Pin Nailer


  • This is designed with huge fastener capacity to ensure less downtime and fewer reloads.
  • It is built with depth adjustment for flush drives.
  • This is constructed with double trigger to ensure precise and risk-free placement of fasteners.
  • It is equipped with reload indicator to guarantee effortless visual recognition.
  • This item comes with rear exhaust.
– This is capable of providing incredible performance.

– It is supported by 5-year warranty.

– This serves as a practical tool for carpenters and construction workers.

– Hitachi NP35A fires 23-gauge headless pins that come with microscopic holes.

– It can be used for a broad range of projects.

– Hitachi does not replace product’s minor components even under warranty.

– This seems not that reliable at setting nails quite well.

#2. BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge

BOSTITCH HP118K 23-Gauge Pin Nailer Reviews


  • This pin nailer is adequate enough to work in the nails to the appropriate length.
  • It is equipped with top quality oil and carrying case.
  • This item is built with easy-to-adjust power switch.
  • It is highly recommended for using delicate materials due to its reliable depth control.
  • This is crafted with a reversible belt hook that users would find advantageous.
– It is built with sturdy aluminum casing and lightweight.

– This can offer more dependable and convenient working environment.

– It is highly recognized for providing superior performance.

– This comes with 7-year limited warranty.

– This pin nailer is receptive to air pressure adjustments.

– This has the tendency to cease while working.

– It is slightly overpriced than other similar options.

#3. PORTER-CABLE PIN100 1/2-Inch to 1-Inch 23-Gauge Pin Nailer

PORTER-CABLE 23-Gauge Pin Nailer


  • This is equipped with bottom-load magazine that could hold 170 micro pin nails.
  • It is designed having double trigger feature.
  • This pin nailer could modify distinct fastener lengths automatically.
  • It comes with rubber comfort grip on tool handle.
  • This product works as a superb quality reliable small gun.
– This is easy to utilize, dependable and easy to modify.

– It is a piece of cake to maintain and repair if needed.

– This pin nailer is not prone to cause jamming issues.

– The main trigger is quite light.

– It serves as a wonderful addition to any finish nailing set.

– This might not be ideal for professional use since it seems designed for small work.

– The tip would leave a tiny dent in the surface when extreme pressure is applied.

#4. Metabo HPT NP50A 23 Gauge Pro Pin Nailer

Metabo HPT NP50A 23 Gauge Pro Pin Nailer


  • The kit includes safety glasses, NP50A pin nailer, lubricant toil and case.
  • This is reliable for small molding; paneling and fine trim type of works.
  • Such tool is versatile enough to be utilized for a number of different projects.
  • It is backed up by 5-year warranty.
  • This is equipped with built-in silencer.
– This is the right pick for anyone who prefers consistent performance.

– It is lightweight and tiny enough to twist and move around.

– This works perfectly for repairing furniture.

– It does not leave any marks where the holes are positioned.

– This is the appropriate pick if you intend to use it for long projects.

– Some consumers who have used it complained of its questionable longevity.

– This pin nailer is a little bulkier than the 18 gauge brad nailer.

#5. P650L Grex pin nailer review

Grex P650L 23-Gauge 2-Inch Headless Pinner


  • This is built with state-of-the-art lock-out mechanism feature.
  • It is crafted with a narrow nose that could reach corners and tight spots.
  • It comes with patented magazine design that allows easy modification for various fastener lengths.
  • This tool is equipped with a powerful motor.
  • This is the suitable pick for handling detailed trim projects.
– This pin nailer is designed with stellar locking system that could impede misfires.

– It comes with an accurate nozzle.

– This is user-friendly even for novices.

– This could accommodate to the lengths of pin automatically.

– It has the capability to penetrate even thick hardwood or materials.

– This won’t be recommended for modifiable depth.

– It is priced so expensively making it unsuitable option for those with limited budget.

FAQ About 23 Gauge Pin Nailer

What is the lockout mechanism feature designed for?

This feature is meant to notify users to reload pins into the tool and to avert the user from exerting unneeded pressure.

How to maintain 23 gauge pin nailer?

It is crucial to perform regular maintenance based on the product’s manual. Each product comes with specific steps that the tool calls for when it comes to the maintenance it needs.

What type of project can 23 gauge pin nailer be used?

This pin nailer is generally utilized for interior millwork, cabinets and molding various kinds of furniture, other carpentry and construction works. Besides, it can be used to attach pieces of wood or other materials after adhering them together.

What feature to search for in nail guns if you opt for less frequent reloading?

Large-sized magazine capacity options would be sterling at holding a huge capacity of nails, so as a result, you can ensure fewer reloading.

23 Gauge Pin Nailer Buying Guide

If you plan to buy 23 gauge pin nailer for you, there are some shopping guides that you need to look into and these include:

Magazine Capacity

Pinners come with different magazine capacities. The decision is yours. If you prefer the one with large capacity, this would not need to be reloaded frequently. However, those with small capacity would necessitate more reloads.

It is highly recommended to opt for the one that could hold up at a minimum of 100 micro pins. Also, a pinner with magazine status is a good pick too.

Power source

This would aid point out how convenient and easy the pinner would be to utilize. There are distinct options that include battery-powered ones and those operated by an air compressor. 

Swivel Tube

This feature is adept at averting the tube from getting snarled and affecting the convenience and ease of your tool. Indeed, this would assist in reloading nails more instantly to ensure more efficiency.

The nail length or sizes of the fasteners

It is wise to get the option that could accommodate pins that come with varying lengths. In so doing, your pinner would be able to work in a more versatile approach by being capable of handling different sizes. This would also allow your unit to work with different types of projects.

Adjustable Exhaust

This would help utilize the device properly and avoid any sorts of injuries since you could use the tool in a comfortable position. There are those that come with rear exhaust; however, these would still release air and oil towards you. Thus, pinners that are equipped with easy-to-adjust features would be excellent options.

Depth adjustment

This helps conceal the pin a lot better. It does a good job of modifying how deep the pins are inserted, and as an outcome it is easier to obtain more effective and more exceptional results. 


By and large, as mentioned in this post, a 23 gauge pin nailer can be one of the most portable tools to own. This is especially true when you need to handle various types of small, professional and sophisticated type of projects. Finding the suitable option would be imperative if you wish to obtain the most satisfying outcome.

Now that you have read the 23 gauge pin nailer reviews, you somehow gained some practical ideas and shopping guides to take into consideration before spending extravagantly. As you know, there are several factors to look into prior to making the final shopping decision.

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