5 Attic Tent Reviews with Buying Guide

How hard is it to deal with the temperature during summer and wintertime for the attic? It is hard because, in the summer, the room temperature gets warm, and the air conditioner tries to adjust the heat by running for a long time, and that causes a high monthly bill. And in the wintertime, the home temperature gets cold, and the heater expense gets boosted. With an attic tent, we can keep our home comfortable in summer and winter both. From this best attic tent review, getting the best attic stair insulation will get convenient for them who are in search of them.

Best Attic Tent Comparison Table

Product Image
  •   Product Name
  •   R-value
  •   Dimensions (Inches)
  •   Editor’s Rating
Best Pick
  • Miloo Attic Stairs Insulation Cover
  • 15.4
  • 25" x 54" x 11"
  • Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator
  • 10
  • 25-1/2" x 54"
  • Attic Tent at-4
  • 6.6
  • 25" x 54" x 13

Best Attic Tents Reviews

#1. Attic Stairs Insulation Cover for Pull Down Stair

Best Attic Tents Reviews

To stop your energy cost level from reaching up to your roof, use the Miloo attic Stairs Insulation Cover for Pull Down Stair. You will not believe how it is easy to control your heat or cold situations with this best attic stair cover insulation. The thickness of this cover is 6 mm, and that is extra thick, and the aluminum quality is high. This extra thickness helps to seal the air leaks in summer and wintertime. The dimension of attic hatch opening is 25″” x 54″” x 11″”. With this insulator, you can cover the stairways by allowing a full space to fold and fit the stair anytime. You can enter and exit to the attic with this cover on easily as the insulation zipper is easy to use. The entrance is shallow that allows us to climb up and down easily and safely.

– The aluminum layers are durable and create moisture and humidity resistant barrier between the house and attic.

– You can install the attic with a staple gun easily.

– Works and fits the stairways properly.

– The zipper is small in size.

#2. Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator

Owens Corning Attic Stairway Insulator

The Owens-Corning insulator for attic stairs is a popular attic stair insulation in all residential houses. The cover can be open up to 25.5 x 54 inches to fit the openings of the attic stairwell. The insulation is made of the r-10 sheet that has both sides and durable. With this cover, the heat gain and reduce gets easy, and your home gets comfortable. You don’t need to spend extra time to assemble it, just unfold, open, and place.  When you want to remove the cover from the attic, it is easy. By installing this insulator in your attic, your energy cost gets reduced. It is totally worth it.

– The best attic tent for energy savings.

– The aluminum foil provides heavy duty

– Reduces energy costs for the whole year.

– Not wide enough for stairways.

#3. Attic Tent at-4 Cover/Insulator

Attic Tent at-4 Cover/Insulator

If you want to create an air transmission barrier between your living areas and attic, then make sure to install the Attic tent at-4 attic Cover / insulator. Till now this insulator is considered as the best attic stair insulation cover. It is a powerful insulator as it has the value of r-3.2 insulators. The dimension of the cover is 25 “x 54” x 13 “.   The insulator comes with nylon fabric and polyurethane material that makes it flame resistant. You can use this attic cover on full-size doors, knee-wall doors, attic stairs, and dart holes. With this cover, you can control the air access between the attic and home and stop the extra costing that comes from the housing energy during summer and wintertime. If you install the at-4 attic cover in your attic, it will help to keep the environment air clean and eliminates the dust elements.

– The installation process is easy.

– Seals the attic space completely.

– It helps to lower the heating and cooling costs.

– The zipper is not easy to handle.

#4. Insulsure AT-2 Attic Tent

Insulsure AT-2 Attic Tent

The Insulsure AT-2 attic is the best attic stair insulation to cover your attic stairs, full-size doors, and knee wall doors properly. It comes with special design to create a barrier of air transfer between the house and attic. The cover dimension is 25 x 54 x 7 inches. The insulation fabric has at-2 flame retardant, and the materials are polyurethane and nylon. This attic tent has a flange that comes in mounting design. This design helps to fold the attic stairs with space. You can also paint knee wall doors and holes with this insulation. You will not find any dirt particles in your home.

– Seals the attic stairway very well.

– It comes with high-quality material.

– You don’t need to use a drill to install the attic.

– The air blockage with this attic cover is not entirely blocked.

#5. Attic Tent ws001 AT-1

Attic Tent ws001 AT-1

And lastly, the recommended best attic tent is Attic Tent ws001 AT-1. The dimension of this cover is 22 x 54 x 7 in. You can cover attic stairs, full-size doors, knee-wall doors, and scuttle holes easily with this tent. By installing this, your indoor air gets pure, and you can stay comfortably, even the weather condition out there is worse. HVAC efficiency gets improved for this attic tent. You can stop the air access for the whole year just with this attic cover. No need to get the help of professionals while installing it because it is easy to install. And the best thing about this attic tent cover you will not have to worry about pest and rodents will damage it as it is made of nylon and polyurethane material that keeps them out.

– Reduces heat flow from the attic a lot.

– The material is high in quality and durable.

– The shape is semi but rigid, that helps to seal the door tightly.

– Sometimes the tent size is not proper for some attic stairways door.

FAQ’s about the best attic tents

Can you put new insulation over old?

Yes, you can put a new insulation cover over the old one. But check the old one is wet or not. If it is moist, then you can’t use the new one.

Can you put too much insulation in your attic?

No, because it will block all the ventilation, and your attic will build up too much moisture that will later cause too much moisture.

Can you lay insulation over electrical wires in the attic?

No, cut the middle of the cover and flap one under the wire and one over the wire.

Buying guide of the Best Attic Stair Insulation Cover

If you face problems during summer and winter time as you have children and old parents in your home, then you have to install an attic tent in your attic. But before you go for the best attic stair insulation, consider the points given below while purchasing:


The insulation cover comes in different size. You have to look for the large attic cover that works as a shield for the attic and allows you to open the stairs by pulling up and down. You don’t need the proper measurement of the attic stairs, just measure the wide and length of the stairs.


Before anything, material of the tent is important. Because it is the material that will help to create       the air barrier between the home and attic to get comfortable and healthy air in the house. There are kinds of material in the market. We recommend to go for the aluminum-made cover as it is high in quality and makes the cover durable. Also, look for a quality zipper and strong seam that comes with the insulator.


You will see hundreds of designs that these attic covers come with. All of them are nice, but you have to pick the one that will fit your attic access.


The attic cover has to versatile while using. Because it will be placed on the attic access, so you have to go up there sometimes by moving the cover. So make sure your attic cover will allow you to give easy access. 

How To Insulate Attic Ladder: The Steps To Install Attic Tent

Homeowners tend to insulate walls and floors, but they forget about the attic ladder. But these stairs keep your house separated from the attic, and this stair is made of thin plywood. This thin plywood is responsible for wasting lots of energy in your home. Insulate the stair with an attic tent and save your energy cost.

The steps of insulating the stair with an attic tent cover are:

  • Purchase a large insulator cover for the stair that has enough space to cover the pull-down stairs also.
  • Pull down the stairs and go up there with the attic tent
  • Place the insulator on the stair opening and make sure it fits. You can use this tent by moving to go up and down.
  • If you want a cover with a zipper, then first measure the height of the floor by closing the stairs. Then take the wide and length of the stair access. 
  • Then take the attic tent that fits with the measurement. Make sure to take a staple gun, caulk to seal the cover.
  • Place the cover on the stair opening by closing the stairs. Make sure to place the zipper ends on the centers of the stairways sit.
  • Let the flange lay flat all around the stairway box. Use the staple gun to staple the cover with the stair frame. Make sure not to keep any gap, use staple in every 3-inch gap.
  • Spread caulk bead all around and press the flange flat.
  • Now you can go out and come in using the zipper of the cover.


With the best attic tent on your attic helps to control the insulation between your house and living area. Every year people get frustrated by paying high utility bills as they don’t have proper insulation cover on their attic. Now we think this attic tent review will help all those to pick the right attic insulator cover for their home and can save energy cost by leading a comfortable life in the house.

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